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Paper weddings

Save forever the flowers of the most special day

Customize your celebration:
Paper flower bouquets and much more

Flowers are an essential element in any wedding but they require a lot of attention so that after a few days they are spoiled.

Keep an eternal memory decorating your day with Missmsmith,

Here are some of the ideas that we propose.

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Paper flower wedding bouquets

Without a doubt, the bride's bouquet is one of the star elements of a wedding. You can choose the colors you like, the flowers that remind you of the best moments and the finishes you prefer.

Each Missmsmith bouquet is carefully created at least one and a half months in advance (ideally three months prior to the event date).


Choose with what style you want your bouquet:

We can follow different techniques to make your bouquet, you just have to choose which one is your favorite since they are all fully customizable!


How do we do it? We create a sketch for you with your preferences. After the approval of the bride of the exclusive drawing, the process of making each flower begins with great care so that the result is spectacular. Once assembled, the bouquet is finished with raffia leaves or ribbons which gives it a more natural look.

Choose the bows to make it perfect and ... enjoy your unique and exclusive design. You can use it to decorate your home after the ceremony and see it every day.

Cut out paper

The cut-out paper flower bouquets are delicate and allow a total harmony with the dried flowers filling with the paniculata or the immortelle.


We love making these bouquets because many of you feel very comfortable with them as they look a lot like natural flower bouquets but with the innovation and sustainability of paper. And of course, you can keep it forever, they are very easy to attach to a pot for your home.


The origami folding technique was the one with which Missmsmith began with bouquets of paper flowers full of details so that you can give a very special touch to your celebration.


They take a lot of work but they look like none. If you dare, you can save your bouquet for life with a specialty that is mastered in very few places and that delights oriental masters.

Gift bouquets

Not only does the bride have to be the only one to carry origami flowers. Bridesmaids can wear gorgeous Missmsmith paper bouquets throughout the ceremony.

In addition, it is a perfect gift for the guests. Boast that at your wedding no one wanted to throw the tacky gift in the trash!

Some bridesmaid sprigs for inspiration

Boutonnières - on boyfriend

Both the godfather, the godmother or the witnesses, can wear Missmsmith boutonnières made with paper and a silver needle. You can also include a dried flower as an accompaniment.


They are beautiful and can always be stored!