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Paper jewelry, headbands and accessories

origami haute couture

Special details that make your style unique

When origami meets fashion

The origami technique uses paper folding to create figures without the need for glue or scissors. In Missmsmith necklaces the art of bending is combined with fine gold chains, sterling silver and even fabric ribbons to create unique finishes.

In addition to the stable collection of necklaces, custom designs are made to adapt Missmsmith's works to any occasion. An exclusive opportunity to enjoy origami jewelery at all times.

Crowned with origami

The paper is easy to mold which helps to create headbands and hair pins by adapting well to all types of pins. The collection consists of accessories to decorate your high ponytails full of delicate origami flowers.

Missmsmith crowns are the perfect complement for events or special days. Half head or full circumference, they can be made to any desired width, as well as being able to choose the colors.

A touch of varnish to resist any situation

The paper necklaces are for the summer or for dry days but if you are in autumn and you want your necklace to resist the rain, we can varnish it if you request it. The finish will not be matte if not with a little shine but you will make sure that if you have an event with a risk of showers, it does not get wet.


Care your skin

Ribbons or chains? At Missmsmith we often use ties to close the necklaces so you can adjust it to the height you like best. Thus, if one day you want it in a choker mode and another in a longer necklace type, you will not have any problem.

If you have allergies you are in luck as you will not have any problem with our chains and ties. The sterling silver will be perfect so that you do not have any scratches. Do you like aged chains better? We adapt to your tastes and needs.

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