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How can I order a part from Missmsmith?


Write us an email in the contact section and we will answer you so we can talk about what you need and how you want us to do it for you. If you like something you have seen on the web or in the downloadable catalogs, great, if you want something more personalized, it will be a pleasure to make it happen.


The key question Do Missmsmith pieces hold up because they are made of paper?


Each Missmsmith design is carefully assembled so it can withstand activities of all kinds. Of course, it is paper so do not take it out on a rainy day. But come on, you don't wear your suede shoes on stormy days, your feathers in summer or your snow sandals, right? Well the same. Still there is the possibility of varnishing them.


What if I varnish my necklace / bouquet?

Well, great. The result will be brighter than the paper finish, but it will be able to resist a few water droplets without a problem. So that everyone can choose according to their tastes and needs.



How far in advance should I request my order

Weddings (bouquets, gifts and guests): the ideal is a minimum month in advance of the delivery date.

Centers, home decoration and parties : at least a month and a half in advance of the delivery date.

Events: at least a month and a half in advance of the delivery date.

Personalized headbands and necklaces: at least three weeks in advance of the delivery date.

Catalog necklaces and hairpins: at least two weeks in advance of the delivery date.

How long will it take to receive my order?

It depends on what you have requested, at the time of confirmation via email or phone you will receive the approximate delivery date with possible variation +/- 3 days for mail deliveries.


Where does Missmsmith deliver?


Wherever you want as long as you pay the shipping costs. For peninsula Spain, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, the rates range from 6 to 15 euros depending on the size of the box.

If you live in Madrid, you have the possibility of picking up your order in our workshop for free.


My doubt is none of the above


Contact us here using the form or at the address . It will be my pleasure to help you with any kind of question you may have.

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